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Right Lane is experienced in helping clients ‘align their effort with their intent’.

This includes helping clients to cascade their strategies and plans and enhance their resource allocation. It also includes organisation design and the development and review of individuals’ position descriptions and KPIs. Right Lane also facilitates clients’ annual measurement, monitoring and review cycles.


  • Organisation design
  • Top team effectiveness

  • Project management

  • Workforce strategy

  • Performance management

  • Visual metrics

  • Meeting effectiveness

  • Operating rhythms

  • Cascading strategic and business plans, including KPIs

  • Executive performance management and accountability

Example projects

  • Organisation design for a federal government agency
  • Top team KPIs for a solar energy business
  • Strategic review cycle for a super fund executive team

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Case study

Federal government agency organisation design

This federal government agency aimed to develop an organisation design that would help liberate its people and deliver on its potential.

Challenges in the engagement included:

  • fostering better understanding and integration between the organisation’s business units
  • engaging with the executive team and consulting appropriately with the client’s people and their representative groups
  • thinking through the relationships between the proposed functional and support groups and establishing a well conceived Office of the CEO
  • creating a design that was a positive step, but not a leap; a structure that was reasonable, implementable and something that the organisation could embrace
  • delivering a successful outcome against a backdrop of historical labour relations and communications issues.

Working closely with the CEO, a small internal team, and a firm of leadership development consultants, Right Lane clarified design principles for the organisation design. The team assessed the organisation’s environment and the needs of its stakeholders and the implications of these for required capabilities. An organisation design was then developed that would deliver on the design principles and required capabilities, and help setup the organisation for future success. Right Lane then worked with the client to develop a transition strategy to the new design.

Right Thinking

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