Dr Damian Collins

Senior expert

Damian brings more than 20 years experience in applying organisational, psychological and behavioural principles to businesses.

He has a deep understanding of psychology, combined with a pragmatic approach. Damian works closely with clients to build and implement solutions that lead to direct behavioural outcomes. He is an experienced facilitator and behavioural scientist, with formal qualifications in Organisational Psychology.

His consulting expertise includes market sizing, brand development, customer segmentation and experience research, organisational effectiveness, leadership and people development, customer and organisational alignment, and behavioural science/behavioural economics.

Damian has broad experience across a wide range of sectors including: resources, transport and logistics, construction, aviation, professional services, telecommunication, financial services, sports and recreation, consumer goods, retail and healthcare. He is able to apply a competitive business lens to his work, understand the internal challenges, opportunities and the broader landscape.

Damian is a highly sophisticated researcher with a deep knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods, ensuring that he is able to apply the most effective and efficient approach to the presenting problem.

Damian holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology, and is a registered psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. He has regularly presented on the topics of behavioural economics and using emotion in brand building and advertising.

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