Women’s financial security: five levers of change

In this article we present a framework for assessing the disadvantages women face and outline five levers of change for addressing these issues. These ideas were developed in preparation for and during Right Lane’s inaugural 2018 Women’s Financial Security Forum.

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Benefits realisation: from hodgepodge to hierarchy

At Right Lane, we’ve observed recurring challenges in the way organisations approach benefits realisation. We suggest that organisations adopt a benefits realisation hierarchy, at the top sits the ultimate impact sought by the organisation. Below that is a causal logic demonstrating how the benefits are interrelated. This forms the organisation’s house view on how value is created, and allows for management to contain, sharpen and link benefits.

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Strategy and business models: indistinguishable or distinct and complementary?

What does the term ‘business model’ actually mean, and is it distinct from a corporate strategy? At Right Lane we believe that the two concepts are complementary descriptions of an organisation’s approach to winning in the market. Each represents a different cognitive approach, and both are essential for leaders to contemplate when charting the course for their organisation.

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Ten ideas to breathe life into your strategy

At Right Lane we believe that ‘best practice’ is an evolving concept and that continually seeking new ideas to improve your strategic planning process will help you breathe life into your next strategy. We draw on our experience and learnings from hundreds of recent engagements, to present 10 ideas for your organisation’s next annual strategy development process. These ideas will help bring premeditation, anticipation and purposeful design to your next strategy and planning process.

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