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Inside Super: From strategy to SEAR: regulatory overreach or reasonable expectations?

Over the past 12 months, and with no signs of slowing down, APRA has been prescribing guidelines relating to the processes we work on every day at Right Lane: strategic and business planning, outcomes assessment and measurement, and group and individual accountability. While some funds may consider this overly prescriptive regulatory overreach, we believe the gist of the regulations is not unreasonable.

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Strategy Execution: The great ‘business bake-off’

In our experience helping hundreds of organisations with strategy development and execution, we have found that those that adhere to six critical steps (Frame, Align, Cascade, Task, Oversee and Review) avoid the common strategy execution pitfalls. To truly excel at strategy execution however, organisations must go beyond this basic recipe and discover their own ‘Ex-FACTOR’.

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2019 Women’s Financial Security Forum

Women still face significant systemic challenges that threaten their financial security. On September 19, 2019 Right Lane is examining this inequity by hosting an annual forum that brings together influential, passionate and like-minded people to look at women’s financial security. Specifically, we are taking a targeted look at the cost of living, and the issue of secure, and sustainable, affordable housing. Find out more and register for the forum here. Limited places available.

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