Case study: Growth

Super fund growth options evaluation

With super funds member growth rates declining, this not-for-profit fund asked Right Lane to evaluate its future growth options.

Right Lane was engaged to assist the fund to develop a board endorsed growth aspiration for the fund; to consider and prioritise growth options; and to develop a growth roadmap that would inform the work of the internal teams.

Our approach was to run four workstreams in parallel:

  1. Develop a growth aspiration
  2. Confirm the current growth trajectory
  3. Evaluate and prioritise organic growth options
  4. Consider potential merger opportunities.

Right Lane’s business analysis and modelling team developed a financial model that calculated the impact of each growth option. The outputs of the model were displayed in an interactive front-end, which included graphical depictions of impacts, that was used for scenario analysis with the project and executive teams.

The team used evaluation frameworks for decision making that were rigorous and easy to understand and engaged with stakeholders throughout the project. This resulted in high levels of support for the process and outcomes.