Case study: Workshop facilitation

We have facilitated around 500 management and board workshops. We work with our clients to structure effective, efficient and outcome oriented sessions.

United Nations (UN) initiative planning workshops

Right Lane was approached to develop a new strategy for a United Nations initiative. The assistance included the design and facilitation of a series of three-day workshops in Durban and Melbourne in 2011 and 2012.

Right Lane coordinated an international client team, based in London. We facilitated both three-day workshops and assisted the client team to prepare for the workshops, including:

  • undertaking and providing a synthesis of executives and directors interviews
  • being a thought-partner on strategic issues – discussing and debating the strategy and direction of the initiative
  • developing financial models- evaluating the economic consequences of combinations of strategic initiatives
  • recommending strategy and performance management frameworks for the client to use and helping the client to populate these frameworks
  • creating agendas for the workshops, including specific session plans, and assisting with speaker briefings
  • assisting the client to document the strategic plan following the workshop.

As with all Right Lane workshops, our internal design and production team prepared the materials for the workshop, including the presentation pack, posters, session templates and outcomes packs at the end of each day. Together with a well structured agenda, these materials contributed to the smooth running of the workshop.

The Chair of the UN initiative had this to say: “We believe the last days have been very productive and this is mainly because (of) your steering (of) our discussions.”