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Cascading strategy – options for alignment

Dr Marc Levy – May 2016
Cascading managers’ strategies is a useful exercise to promote alignment, but there are many approaches and no dominant paradigm for doing it.

We recommend approaching cascading in a stepwise fashion; keeping it simple; and building interrelated logic, systems and processes over time as the value becomes evident and the organisation’s appetite for alignment grows.

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Cascading strategy to align your organisation

Brad McSwain – December 2013
The best-laid strategies can be brought undone by a failure to execute. We suggest 5 ways to a smooth cascading of strategic objectives throughout the organisation, giving strategy the greatest prospect of success.

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Making focus a habit of your organisation

Dr Marc Levy – December 2013
As with individuals, organisations can sometimes struggle to achieve their objectives through lack of focus. This article suggests five areas organisations should focus on to ensure focus remains a habit.

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