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Our purpose at work – serving organisations that do good

Helping organisations that do good do better is central to our management consulting practice. The work we do with for-profit and not-for-profit organisations that play a constructive role in creating a better world is above all else why we come to work and what gives us meaning and fulfilment in our professional lives.

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The value of a robust diagnosis

Undertaking robust analyses of what’s happening in the world, the industry,
and within organisations, is critical for building an evidence base and a common reference point to draw upon when engaging in strategic thinking and strategic planning.

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Strategic thinking before strategic planning

Dr Marc Levy – May 2016
A strategy without a plan is too conceptual. A plan without a strategy is hollow. What is your strategy and what does it mean for what you are actually going to do?

This article outlines how timeless strategic questions (strategic thinking) should be satisfactorily answered ‘upstairs’ before clients move ‘downstairs’ to strategic planning.

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Preparing for the vision discussion

Debbie Williams and Zoe Pappas – May 2016
Asking boards and executive teams to articulate the change they want to see in the world and the distinctive role their organisation will play in creating that change brings a vision discussion back to what really matters and leads to outcomes that teams feel passionate about. Gaining broad input – for example, from staff and customers – can enrich the thinking.

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Living with uncertainty

Brad McSwain and Dr Marc Levy – May 2013
In the article, we outline a four-step approach for long-term planning in an uncertain market environment. This approach helps senior teams to think through multiple scenarios and possible pathways, with the aim of increasing their foresight and capability to shape their possible futures.

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