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We help not-for-profit, public sector and private sector clients to clarify and accelerate their future plans, and have worked with most of our clients for many years. Our clients come from diverse industries and face a variety of challenges. Here is a sample of some of the clients we’ve helped in relation to strategy, stakeholder engagement, growth and organisational alignment.

Thank you to our clients for allowing us to share these profiles.


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Stakeholder engagement

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Organisational alignment

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‘Thanks for a fantastic day. A lot of great discussions and input and most importantly some much clearer goals and plans to get it done. You were great and elicited complete engagement from everyone. A really positive and empowering day.

Founder and board member, not for profit organisation

Right Lane worked with the Women In Super board to determine our priorities for the organisation at a national level. The process of going through a very professional strategy session, with an Australia-wide regarded consultancy, was a wonderful opportunity for us and a fantastic forum for the board to agree our priorities for the next three years.

This process enabled us to focus on a big policy and advocacy push relating to women’s retirement outcomes. It helped the board come to a position of determining to put money from reserves toward this particular campaign. This was very important as this campaign [around women’s retirement outcomes] is something that effects women right throughout the economy.

Chair, Women in Super

Right Lane came to us when the Mother’s Day Classic decided to establish a Board, when we required clear strategic direction.

Engaging Right Lane was an easy decision. They [Right Lane] were heavily involved in the superannuation industry and supported a number of our partners and came highly recommended. 

Together, we reviewed our mission, priorities and what the research was saying; getting down to the nitty gritty! This enabled us to sharpen our focus and start thinking strategically about our future. More recently we have worked with Right Lane in refreshing our strategy. The most rewarding element, was to take time to celebrate our successes and reflect on what we had achieved from the 2015 strategy, and to set new goals, taking us to 2020, which is really exciting. 

Once we defined our strategy and had clear direction, it was easy to take partners, volunteers and staff on the journey; to show them the way too. Also having clear measurable targets has been our greatest achievement over the last couple of years. People know what they have to achieve, and they can achieve it and see the changes. From an internal perspective this has made a huge impact.

CEO, Mother’s Day Classic Foundation

I wanted to say thank you for the great workshop yesterday. I found it very valuable, both for myself and with my team.

It was also incredibly valuable to have an opportunity for my leadership team to share this experience together, showing me where I need to create greater clarity but also providing a space for us to see we all share the same (similar) priorities!

Manager, Large metropolitan council

‘I just wanted to pass on our thanks for the brilliant job you and Right Lane did leading up to and in the delivery and facilitation of our recent Strategy Session. The feedback from all involved has been really positive as all the sessions steered towards positive outcomes for our organisation and its members. The preparation of the agenda and pre-reading pack really set the day and a half up for great outcomes and I am sure none of us doubt that was clearly achieved.

My sincere appreciation for the effort you put into making the session really valuable and focussed on our strategic aims. The take-outs from the sessions were really well captured and we look forward to receiving the final write-up in due course.’

CEO, Financial services

‘I really valued your insights and the perspective you brought to this work. We could not have come this far without your steering of both the Council Plan and Corporate Plan, and your work has helped us to start resetting the bar for our expectations of the organisation.’

CEO, Municipal Council

‘We are reminded everyday of the great work you did.’

CEO, Not-for-profit

Thanks very much … The Board formally endorsed the strategy yesterday and were very complementary regarding its quality so my sincere thanks to you … for your support and effort.

Head of strategy, large financial institution

Many thanks again Right Lane for your time & continued guidance, critical!


I want to say how much I, and we all here, have valued the work and support provided by Right Lane over the journey. And that’d be “a lot….heaps…tons….words to that effect”. We’re at a point where [we are] ready willing and able to engage in its most significant structural shift in product and distribution since … all those years ago. Throughout the last year (give or take) Andy leading the engagement and all in the team, Zoe, Jason and Brad (and probably others I’ve neglected to note or may not even have been aware of in the background) have been integral to every stage of “Getting the Board to Yes”. You can all feel you can take a good slice of the credit for this.

So, thanks to all concerned. Good work, bloody well done.

Executive, Financial services

I have worked with the Right Lane team since 2003, as a part of my involvement with three different super funds. Being appointed to the CEO role in 2008, and faced with a number of strategic and business challenges at the onset of the GFC, it was obvious to me that if I was to have any hope of succeeding in forging an executable strategy, I needed experienced, objective professional support and facilitation. I can say without reservation that I have been delighted by the outcome. Right Lane are not ‘pie in the sky’ navel-gazing theorists: they quickly become part of an internal management team to provide not only thought leadership but also practical tools and strategies that empower executive teams to actually make the vision a reality. They are consummate professionals who bring deep commercial knowledge and value to the process.’

CEO, Super fund

‘I have really enjoyed working with you over the last four years and will recommend to my successor…that (we) continue our strategy journey together.’

CEO, Healthcare

We feel very grateful to be working with you and know that your input and guidance will help us grow and develop…

CEO, Not-for-profit

‘I especially appreciated the guidance of Right Lane, whose planning, engagement and facilitation on the day was a cornerstone of workshops success. They were able to synthesise the issues and develop a format which succinctly addressed the gaps in my staff’s understanding of the need for change and provided a structure for them to identify solutions. Moreover, the pace of the day was such that staff remained highly engaged.’

General Manager, government business

‘Thank you again for yesterday and the preparation to make it such a good outcome. Having had time to reflect and chat with some of the team, I feel that we have achieved some significant outcomes and have far greater clarity. I appreciate your skill in assisting us achieve this.’

CEO, Mental health initiative

‘Many thanks for a terrific day yesterday as we commenced our Future Strategy thinking. Feedback from our team was very positive and complimentary of both of you. It was very well done!’

CEO, Events company

‘I would just like to also convey my thanks and appreciation for your contribution and facilitation of our strategic offsite; it was a very constructive and positive two days and really energised those in attendance.’

COO, Healthcare

‘Sincere thanks to you for the quality and volume of work you provided us over the last two months or so, it has been great. I look forward to the next instalment.’

Executive, Pharmaceutical company

‘The preparation required for the project was significant and you went about the preparation and the briefing process with great precision and professionalism.’

Chairman, Major Victorian institution