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Inside COVID-19 recovery


Pandemic fatigue: staying purposeful and keeping productive

30 September 2021

Staying productive during ongoing lockdowns is proving to be a challenge for many. In this article, we revisit the three steps we outlined in our 2020 article to help you stay productive in the midst of a pandemic: first, constantly reinforce priorities; second, make it easy to start and hard to stray away from them; and finally, build in rewards to sustain the habit. We’ve also added some learnings, hints and tips to bring this article into 2021 … as we know lockdown fatigue is real. We hope you find them helpful.

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Seven practices for conducting successful virtual workshops

25 August 2021

As COVID cases rise again, and many parts of the country are in lockdown or have closed their borders to other states, we are preparing to facilitate a large all-staff workshop for 150 team members (virtually), and thought it was time to reflect on, and write about, what we’ve learned over the past 18 or so months, and what it takes to conduct successful digital workshops.

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Don’t say it’s over: a snapshot of COVID-19 and questions for executives to ponder

25 May 2021

Last year was an immense shock with devastating human consequences. In Australia, there’s cause for great optimism; but the pandemic isn’t over – there remain very significant risks and many people are still suffering here and overseas. This article presents a COVID-snapshot and poses a handful of questions for executives to consider at this juncture.

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Helping organisations that do good do better; Right Lane’s five pro and low bono themes

24 May 2021

As a purpose driven organisation and the first B Corp certified strategy consulting firm, Right Lane is committed to investing in low and pro bono work. Each year, we invest a share of revenue in low and pro bono work to contribute to fulfilling our purpose of helping clients who do good, do better. Here we share our commitment to five areas of passion and interest.

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Returning to the office: Resetting your team

18 December 2020

As many of us, particularly in Melbourne, turn our minds and bodies to a return to the office, thinking through how to best support your team and get the most out of your in-person interactions becomes a priority, and reconnecting with your teams purposefully has never been more important. In this article we share with you some practical and simple ideas on how to support a smooth transition back into a ‘COVID normal’ work environment.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Majority of Australia’s super funds are likely to tip into negative cashflows

20 July 2020

Majority of Australia’s super funds are likely to tip into negative cashflows. MEDIA RELEASE.

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Challenges facing organisations and what we can learn from our shared experiences

26 June 2020

In this unscripted conversation with senior Right Lane colleagues Marc Levy and Zoe Pappas, they reflect on the strategic and organisational challenges they are helping our clients solve and what we are seeing and hearing from our clients at this difficult and uncertain time, and suggest some topics other organisations should consider as we all make our way through this unprecedented experience together.

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The impact of COVID-19 on investment teams

18 June 2020

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact investment teams? Were investment teams prepared to deal with a pandemic? What are the short-term implications for operational activities and investment strategy? What are the lasting implications for the investment management industry?

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MEDIA RELEASE: Australia’s superannuation system needs further consolidation to survive and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world

25 May 2020

Australia’s superannuation system needs further consolidation to survive and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. MEDIA RELEASE.

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Making sense of COVID-19: Dynamic Pathway Planning – WEBINAR & ARTICLE

14 May 2020

In this article, we apply our own Dynamic Pathway Planning methodology to illustrate its practical application for organisations seeking to make sense of COVID-19 and develop their medium-term COVID recovery plan.

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How to win the virtual long game: a Right Lane playbook

12 May 2020

Right Lane experts Lora Vaioleti and Zoe Pappas recently presented the ‘Playing the virtual long game: a Right Lane playbook’ webinar, suggesting ways to best position your organisation for successful longer-term virtual teaming. In doing so, Zoe and Lora also work through a series of available templates from the Playbook to help organisations navigate their virtual norms.

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Run better virtual meetings by focusing on what (really) needs to be done

4 May 2020

Virtual meetings have fast become our new normal; and while principles for running effective in-person meetings remain highly relevant, we need to adjust our approach and focus to get the most out of our virtual interactions.

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