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Think. Plan. Do.

Fairley Foundation

The Fairley Foundation is an innovative place-based funder with a focus on collective impact in Shepparton. Right Lane worked with the Foundation’s board, helping directors to think through the change it wants to see in the world and the distinctive role it intends to play in creating that change. We also assisted the Foundation to clarify the scope of its work, its governance and partnership models and the roles and responsibilities of management and the board.

‘We asked Right Lane to help us formulate a vision for what it was we wanted to achieve. We wanted to have an absolutely clear understanding of why we existed and what is was we wanted to achieve. We ended up creating our vision which was ‘Driving momentous, social and cultural change in Greater Shepparton’.

The skills Right Lane brought to the process are firstly extracting the aspirations of board members individually. Then the exciting thing was setting up the pillars for how we were going to achieve that outcome.

It’s absolutely made our thinking crystal clear about what we do and what we don’t do – Is it going to drive momentous social and cultural change?

It’s all about the clarity of purpose. It’s that light on the hill.’

— Andrew Fairley AM, Chair, Fairley Foundation