Our purpose at work: serving organisations that do good

July 2017
Helping organisations that do good do better is central to our management consulting practice. In 2016 Right Lane was fortunate enough to serve more than 100 clients that do good. Here is a summary of the challenges we helped some of them solve, relating to their role and purpose, strategy and growth, organisational alignment, governance and stakeholder engagement, and ideation and innovation.

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Are your values actually what you value?

Giselle Diego – February 2017
There is an increasing focus on values, culture and behaviours as critical aides to a successful organisation. Redefining values using inclusive approaches enables organisations to uncover what is at the heart of what they do.

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Balancing conviction and flexibility

Dr Marc Levy
If your organisation created a new 3-5 year strategy last year, what do you do this year? And next? Strategy shouldn’t be set and forget. We recommend 5 bases for challenging long term strategy.

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What’s on CEOs’ minds?

Dr Marc Levy – February 2017
Twenty three CEOs shared with us their major issues and challenges. Some of the most common related to
planning under uncertainty, resource allocation to digital, and what to do with big data.

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What is the board’s role in strategy?

Marc Levy, Debbie Williams & David Hershan – May 2016
The why, what and how of the board’s role in strategy is a rich topic. We believe collaborative work on strategy between boards and executive teams improves relationships and in our experience delivers better results. Where possible, we recommend that clients adopt a collaborative approach to strategy involving both directors and members of the executive team as equals.

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It all starts with an idea

David Hershan – May 2016
How to run a regular ideation process to stay relevant and remain at the forefront of your industry. An approach that we regularly employ to obtaining and extending the best internal thinking is to run ideation sessions as part of the regular strategic and business planning cycle.

Ideation sessions push participants to engage in future horizon thinking. In particular, to ensure you are staying ahead of disruptive forces and leveraging shifts in technology, consumer behaviour and government policy for your organisation’s gain.

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Preparing for the vision discussion

Debbie Williams and Zoe Pappas – May 2016
Asking boards and executive teams to articulate the change they want to see in the world and the distinctive role their organisation will play in creating that change brings a vision discussion back to what really matters and leads to outcomes that teams feel passionate about. Gaining broad input – for example, from staff and customers – can enrich the thinking.

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