Cascading strategy – options for alignment

Dr Marc Levy – May 2016
Cascading managers’ strategies is a useful exercise to promote alignment, but there are many approaches and no dominant paradigm for doing it.

We recommend approaching cascading in a stepwise fashion; keeping it simple; and building interrelated logic, systems and processes over time as the value becomes evident and the organisation’s appetite for alignment grows.

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Case study: Workshop facilitation

Case Study: Right Lane helped develop a new strategy for a United Nations initiative. The assistance included the design and facilitation of a series of three-day workshops in Durban and Melbourne in 2011 and 2012.

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Case study: Growth

With super funds member growth rates declining, this not-for-profit fund asked Right Lane to evaluate its future growth options.

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Case study: Strategy Review

See how Right Lane helps its private, not-for-profit & public sector clients with strategy development, strategic planning and strategy review processes.

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