Let’s talk about change

Stuart Wilkinson – May 2013
This article provides insights into some of the human aspects of change management. Drawing from the literature on dispute resolution and mediation, organisations will be better prepared for change if their leaders engage in ‘deep listening’ to understand the motivations and behaviours of their employees.

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Changing for the better

Dr Marc Levy – May 2013
In 2011, Right Lane became a ‘for-benefit’ enterprise, reflecting formally what the firm had been doing
informally for some years in trying to create an ethical consulting practice.

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Successful change management: stakeholders hold the key

Zoe Pappas – May 2013
Zoe Pappas discusses the need to include stakeholders in strategic projects and change initiatives. She stresses the importance of defining the ‘who, what, when, why and how’ of stakeholder involvement and outlines Right Lane’s approach to stakeholder engagement from the very beginning in strategic projects.

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Change: Lessons from a snake

May 2013
This article uses an analogy of a snake’s lifecycle to explain the occasional necessity of change within an organisation and the importance of understanding the vulnerabilities and process of moving between the old and the new.

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Demystifying your growth options

Zoe Pappas – August 2012
Zoe Pappas presented to an audience of superfund industry representatives the work Right Lane has completed with super clients on their growth options and strategies; but the approach can be applied to other industries.

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Taking it one week at a time

Dr Marc Levy and Greg Swann – June 2014
In this article Marc Levy and Greg Swann revisit a popular but surprisingly shallow oeuvre: what business can learn from sport. They identify eight practices that would benefit most organisations.

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