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At Right Lane, we work alongside councils to develop meaningful strategies.

Is it time to develop or refresh your council plan?

Our approach enables effective engagement of stakeholders (councillors, community); a commitment to robust thinking about the future of local communities and the council’s role; and structured planning that includes aligning the organisation to deliver on the plan. We lead diverse groups of people to deliver cohesive, high quality outcomes.

We understand the local government context – the opportunities, challenges, drivers and of course budget considerations.

Right Lane is your state government pre-approved choice for a strategy partner.

We were recently appointed to the Department of Treasury and Finance Professional Advisory Services (PAS) SPC 2020 Panel. Click here to learn more at | Buying for Victoria

Right Lane is Australia’s first B Corp certified strategy consulting firm.

B Corporations are a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Certified B Corporations meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Working with local government



'I need support to develop and refresh our council plan. I want a partner who brings the best in strategic thinking methods to help us deliver a plan that has real impact for our community.'



‘I want to meaningfully engage our stakeholders – our people, our councillors and our community – virtually or in person. I want our stakeholders to walk away from the engagement feeling empowered and that their contribution is valued.’


Facilitating your senior team and councillor workshops

'I would love someone with the expertise to bring a group of diverse individuals with competing priorities towards a cohesive outcome.'

Why Right Lane?


Right Lane’s remarkable talent in producing well-structured easy to navigate project collateral ensures full engagement at all levels.

Murray River Council


I really valued your insights and the perspective you brought to this work. We could not have come this far without your steering of both the Council Plan and Corporate Plan, and your work has helped us to start resetting the bar for our expectations of the organisation.

Moreland Council


I wanted to say thank you for the great workshop. It was also incredibly valuable to have an opportunity for my leadership team to share this experience together, showing me where I need to create greater clarity but also providing a space for us to see we all share the same (similar) priorities!

City of Yarra

We’re keen to share our insights and experience

Strategic impact for local government: 5 ways to ‘power up’ your council strategic planning process

4 October 2020

With council planning season fast approaching in Victoria, the 5 steps identified here provide councils with valuable insights to apply to their strategic planning process, and to assist in truly bringing strategic impact back into focus.

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Strategy execution: Aligning your organisation to your council plan

4 October 2020

It takes more than just a great council planning session to affect real change in your council. The next challenge is delivering on that plan. Here we outline a six step ‘recipe’ to help you align your organisation to your council plan.

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Beyond the council plan – creating impact with a corporate plan

4 October 2020

To help address issues that may affect the council’s ability to deliver on their council strategic plan, we suggest developing an internal corporate plan to ensure the outcomes of the council plan can be delivered.

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Right Lane is partnering with LGiU to share our experience and knowledge with the local government network.

The first in a series of articles shared with members and followers can be found HERE.

LGiU Australia is a local government think tank, established by LGiU in partnership with SGS Economics and Planning. To register for LGiU Australia updates and access all content, contact SGS Principal and Partner Luke Nicholls.

Right Lane’s local government team

'Helping councils foster sustainable and resilient communities is something we are passionate about at Right Lane. With the development of council plans coming around only every 4 years, the opportunity to make your plan relevant, meaningful and sustainable for your communities is real and exciting. We bring the best strategy and planning processes and people to partner with you to create a council plan that will truly set you up for success.' 

— Zoe Pappas, Right Lane Principal



Zoe is a principal at Right Lane Consulting. In the past 3 years, Zoe has worked on nearly 130 consulting projects and facilitated over 200 workshops with senior leaders.

Zoe has extensive experience in leading strategy, planning, organisation and alignment projects across all level of government and their affiliated entities. Her style works especially well for local government clients, in part because of her demonstrated skill in facilitating diverse groups of leaders to achieve alignment on clear, shared outcomes while enabling all voices to be heard. Zoe has developed a reputation for clear thinking and communication, including the ability to reframe complex problems making them easier to understand and solve. Her projects consistently achieve high client satisfaction and advocacy ratings, in part because she stays close to clients and their wants and needs.





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