Our purpose

Right Lane is a flourishing, top quality, ethical management consulting firm. We contribute to a better society by helping organisations that do good, do better.

Our client promise

  • We bring the best ideas and thinking to solve client problems
  • We are inspired by our clients’ purposes
  • We are determined to deliver projects of the highest quality
  • We hold ourselves to a higher standard of professionalism
  • We are easy to engage
  • We are on the clients’ team

Our approach

Data-driven: We help to ensure that our clients’ decisions are underpinned by relevant, high quality quantitative analysis. Our clients find building a fact base particularly helpful when it comes to understanding what’s changing in their environment and evaluating strategic options and business cases. We also use best practice decision making frameworks and tests that help clients enhance the rigor of their decision making.

Co-created: We work with clients on their issues and challenges. This doesn’t mean we shy away from getting the job done on our own if the circumstances demand it; it means that in most cases we think the best way to achieve successful and sustainable results is through client collaboration, co-development and commitment.

Structured: We pride ourselves on our structured approach to consulting engagements. Our experienced consultants work together to bring best practices, innovative thinking and internationally recognised management frameworks to each engagement. 

Inclusive: Inclusion – including people in strategic decision making – gives our clients the best chance to foster engagement and good old fashioned buy in. Our client teams think deeply about how best to engage executives, managers and staff who are likely to have a constructive view and/or likely to be impacted by any prospective change.

Visual: We produce highly visual engagement materials and action-ready documentation to support client engagements. 

We would love to hear from you. Contact Lauren Spiteri on 03 9428 5336 or lauren@rightlane.com.au to hear about how we help your organisation do better.