Right Lane facilitates many clients’ annual strategy and planning processes. This includes: co-designing the process with them; developing planning guidelines; conducting analyses to inform strategic decision making; and drafting plans.

Clients frequently ask us for help in the second and third years of their long term strategies, to see whether their plans, including their initiatives and the way they think about performance and success, still hold up given internal and external developments.

More recently, as part of regular strategic planning processes, clients also come to us to run regular ideation processes to stay relevant and remain at the forefront of industry. We help clients develop and run ideation sessions, all staff ‘hack-a-thons’ and ‘hack days’ to discover and develop the next big idea, and innovation processes to push staff and organisations to ‘think big’ about new products and services, to stay ahead of disruptive forces and leveraging shifts in the environment.

Our strategy related services

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy counsel
  • Strategy reviews
  • Strategy workshops – board, executive, management, staff
  • Industry and internal performance analysis
  • Business planning and budgeting
  • Partnership alignment
  • Resource allocation effectiveness/agility
  • Initiative evaluation, prioritisation and sequencing

Typical questions we address

  • What is your organisation’s purpose and aspiration?
  • Is your strategy robust to external trends and events?
  • What priority initiatives does your organisation need to successfully implement next year?
  • What are your organisation’s ‘winning moves’?

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Strategy case studies

Thank you to our clients for allowing us to share these profiles.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) is an independent, not-for-profit, national health organisation based in Canberra, which has provided support to over 750 organisations around the country in areas such as research, public education and prevention, organisational capacity enhancement, and treatment and rehabilitation programs and services. Stopping the harm caused by alcohol is central to FARE’s strategic plan, developed with the assistance of Right Lane Consulting. In 2017, we helped FARE’s board and executive team to develop an overarching aspiration for the next strategic planning period, confirm strategic goals, and identify strategic priorities and measures of success.

LUCRF Super is Australia’s first profit-for-members industry superannuation fund, established in 1978 at the beginning of a transformation that would see superannuation extend beyond a privileged few to most workers in Australia today. LUCRF Super has a strong commitment to improving the retirement outcomes for low-paid workers across Australia, with a focus on providing products and services simply, at low cost and with a friendly, easy to understand service. Right Lane worked closely with LUCRF Super to develop its three-year strategy and business plan and to align the organisation to successfully deliver the strategy.

South East Water supports healthy and liveable communities by providing water, sewerage and recycled water services to 1.75 million Melburnians across the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. South East Water has been acknowledged globally for developing innovative solutions to meet challenges such as climate change, population growth and changing customer expectations. In 2017, Right Lane worked with the board and executive team to redefine the organisation’s long-term ambition upon which to focus and measure success against. South East Water not only strives to create a better world for customers within its regulatory boundaries, but to foster a culture of innovation and extend the reach of its contribution across Australia and Internationally.

StateCover is a mutually-owned provider of workers compensation insurance to local governments across NSW. Its ‘soul’ purpose is to create shared value for its member councils and the communities they serve. As well as providing workers compensation insurance, StateCover works with its members to provide injury prevention and injury management services. Everything StateCover does is for the benefit of its members and stakeholders. In 2017, Right Lane was engaged in a number of projects with StateCover, including helping the organisation to articulate its purpose, strategy and goals. To encourage fresh thinking and innovation, we facilitated a co-creation process to engage StateCover’s potential members in the design of innovative new products and services.

VicSuper is one of Australia’s fastest growing profit-for-member superannuation funds, managing in excess of $19 billion on the behalf of over 240,000 members. Right Lane has worked closely with VicSuper over a number of years, most recently on its strategy and planning process, where Right Lane helped the Fund to articulate a new purpose and vision and reconfirm its strategic direction. VicSuper is committed to delivering exceptional service to its members and has a won numerous awards for delivering high quality advice, and innovative products and services.

A key outcome from the Mornington Peninsula Philanthropic Summit that Right Lane facilitated in May 2016 was the creation of the Mornington Peninsula Foundation (MPF). MPF is dedicated to assisting people to break the cycle of poverty in the region and Right Lane is proud to continue its support of the Foundation and it’s work on the Mornington Peninsula. In 2017, Right Lane facilitated the first board strategy workshop for MPF which set their strategic direction and developed a set of initiatives to help the Foundation achieve its goals.

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is a volunteer-based organisation, providing emergency assistance to communities across the state to minimise the impact of emergencies and strengthen the community’s capacity to plan, respond and recover when emergencies occur. Throughout 2017, Right Lane worked with the VICSES board and executive team to develop the organisation’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, including establishing the strategic direction and high-level priorities. Right Lane also worked with a cross functional group to refresh the organisation’s core values and ensure they reflected the culture required to deliver their new plan.

Right Lane worked with Moreland City Council in the north of Melbourne to help it develop its Council Plan (2017-21). Under the themes of ‘Connected Community’, ‘Progressive City’ and ‘Responsible Council’, the three-year strategy outlines the priorities for this diverse community to guide the changes necessary to address its most important challenges and opportunities. The partnership continued with Right Lane assisting in the development of the council’s first Corporate Plan. Through a program of staff engagements, the Corporate Plan identified the internal changes the organisation would need to make in support of the new strategy.

United Nations (UN) initiative planning workshops

Right Lane was approached to develop a new strategy for a United Nations initiative. The assistance included the design and facilitation of a series of three-day workshops in Durban and Melbourne in 2011 and 2012.

Right Lane coordinated an international client team, based in London. We facilitated both three-day workshops and assisted the client team to prepare for the workshops, including:

  • undertaking and providing a synthesis of executives and directors interviews
  • being a thought-partner on strategic issues – discussing and debating the strategy and direction of the initiative
  • developing financial models – evaluating the economic consequences of combinations of strategic initiatives
  • recommending strategy and performance management frameworks for the client to use and helping the client to populate these frameworks
  • creating agendas for the workshops, including specific session plans, and assisting with speaker briefings
  • assisting the client to document the strategic plan following the workshop.

As with all Right Lane workshops, our internal design and production team prepared the materials for the workshop, including the presentation pack, posters, session templates and outcomes packs at the end of each day. Together with a well structured agenda, these materials contributed to the smooth running of the workshop.

The Chair of the UN initiative had this to say: ‘We believe the last days have been very productive and this is mainly because (of) your steering (of) our discussions.’