Anna Mudigdo

Head of design

Anna is a senior designer and head of design at Right Lane.

Having worked with our firm for over ten years, and prior to that with management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Anna is an expert at communicating strategy and complex problems with visual solutions.

This intersection between design and strategy prompted Anna’s interest and passion for design-thinking. Anna has co-developed design-thinking frameworks for use during hack events – including innovative and creative processes that put people and customers at the heart of problem solving.

Anna’s recent projects have included:

  • Helping to orchestrate a strategy workshop for more than 150 partners of a major professional services firm
  • Co-facilitating a hack day for one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit super funds; this hack day involved managers finding a solution to a human resources related policy challenge
  • Assisting with the design of, and co-facilitating, a staff hack day for a division of a state government statutory authority; this hack day aimed to provide multiple solutions to a challenge relating to improving the customer experience.

Anna holds a bachelors degree in Visual Communication/Graphic Design from RMIT.