Dr. Marc Levy


Marc is the founding director of Right Lane Consulting. He has played leading roles in approximately 100 strategic and business planning processes and more than 500 management and board workshops. To our knowledge, there is no more experienced leader of strategy and planning processes in the country, and Marc is one of a handful of top team strategy facilitators globally with more than 10,000 hours of experience in this discipline.

Marc’s engagements have included:

  • Strategy and planning: Running a third consecutive strategic planning process for one of Australia’s largest super funds. Co-creating integrated strategy, planning, resource allocation and budgeting processes for a UN initiative. Leading processes to cascade corporate strategies, initiatives and metrics through to business and divisional plans and individuals’ performance development plans for industry associations, healthcare clients and super funds.
  • Vision and purpose: Assisting clients in professional services, financial services, consumer and industrial products, and the social sector to create galvanising company statements that provide context for strategic decision making and act as a rallying point for employees.
  • Growth: Leading projects centred on growth options evaluation, marketing spend effectiveness, merger candidate qualification, new product and market feasibility, and brand strategy.
  • Organisation: Working with clients on agile strategy, agile resourcing and agile ways of working, with a particular focus on resource allocation effectiveness and financial budgeting. Helping clients to align their organisation structures and operating rhythms to their strategies.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Moderating highly inclusive stakeholder engagement processes in the local government, aged care and superannuation sectors.

Marc has completed transformational work across several industries, including having made contributions to reviving a major global sport in Australia and saving a 150-year old Victorian institution. Marc has worked as a strategic advisor to several award winning not for profit super funds and their peak bodies.

He holds business degrees from Monash University and the Melbourne Business School and a PhD from the University of Melbourne on topic relating to economic and social participation policy.