Zoe Pappas


Zoe is a principal at Right Lane Consulting. She has been with the firm for eight years. In the past three years, Zoe has worked on 87 consulting projects and facilitated 127 workshops, primarily with executive teams and boards.

Zoe has developed a reputation for clear thinking and communication, including the ability to reframe complex problems to make them easier to understand and solve. Her projects consistently achieve very high client satisfaction and advocacy ratings, in part because she stays very close to clients and their wants and needs. Zoe prides herself on never missing a client signal and always being on top of how clients’ directors and senior managers are thinking about her projects.

Zoe has extensive experience in leading strategy, planning, growth and organisation projects in the financial services, retail, healthcare and government sectors. Her recent projects have involved:

  • Strategy and planning: Facilitating a number of strategic thinking and strategic planning workshops with for profit, not-for-profit and government organisations. Facilitating a steering committee (including a diverse range of stakeholders and views) as they oversaw a critical organisation change. Facilitating a strategy day for the leadership team of an ASX listed pharmaceutical company as they evolved a new strategy. Developing a strategy and organisation design for a disruptive specialty retailer with a promising growth trajectory.
  • Vision and purpose: Working with several organisations in the financial services and travel and leisure sectors to help board and executive teams rethink their vision and purpose statements to help guide strategic decision making.
  • Growth strategy: Facilitating staff and board workshops with one of Australia’s largest industry super funds. Working with a large client team to transform a financial services organisation’s approach to growth strategy, from executing priority growth options to supporting a subcommittee of senior directors to advance the merger agenda.
  • Organisation: Leading organisation redesign projects for wealth management and telecommunications industry clients. Helping clients to design and operationalise integrated performance management systems, from corporate balanced scorecards to individual KPI frameworks. Working with marketing, business development and operations teams to improve the effectiveness of a client’s structure, processes, resource allocation and performance management.

Before joining Right Lane, Zoe had 15 years experience in operational and management roles. She was previously a business manager, financial controller and management accountant in the publishing, entertainment, communications and IT security industries.