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Think. Plan. Do.

The TOM Co

The TOM Co is a female founded company that exists to create a positive impact across personal and baby care. Founded by Aimee Marks in 2009 and awarded Australian Organic business of the year in 2017 by Australian Organic, The TOM Co’s signature product was the first ever organic tampon to be available in Australian supermarkets and is now the leading organic personal care brand in the country. Over multiple interactions, Right Lane worked closely with the highly motivated leadership team to consider key strategic questions relating to their aspiration, scope choices, key areas of competitive advantage, and the capabilities required to be successful. Ultimately, we helped to consolidate their thinking on the future of the business and create a clear articulation of their strategic plan which can provide a compass for the organisation while key leaders are on maternity leave. The strategic plan provides focus for exploring new growth opportunities and in consolidating The TOM Co’s role in female health, empowerment and the health of the planet.