Right Lane’s services

At Right Lane, we work closely with private, not for profit and public sector clients.

Our areas of focus are:

STRATEGY – Developing and managing strategy and planning process for clients.

Our strategy related services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy counsel
  • Strategy reviews
  • Strategy workshops – board, executive, management, staff
  • Industry and internal performance analysis
  • Business planning and budgeting
  • Partnership alignment
  • Resource allocation effectiveness/agility
  • Initiative evaluation, prioritisation and sequencing

GROWTH – Leading strategic growth projects, such as pre-merger analysis, pricing, new product feasibility, marketing expenditure effectiveness and growth options evaluation.

Our growth related services include:

  • Growth strategy / roadmaps
  • Growth options evaluation
  • Marketing spend effectiveness
  • Marketing planning
  • Structured growth experiments / ‘test and learn’
  • Merger candidate qualification
  • Pricing reviews
  • Product development business cases / feasibility
  • Growth strategy execution support

ORGANISATION – Implementing strategy through aligning and engaging the organisation (including organisation design), and measuring and monitoring performance.

Our organisation related services include:

  • Organisation design
  • Top team effectiveness
  • Workforce strategy
  • Performance measurement
  • Visual metrics
  • Team alignment
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • Operating rhythms
  • Cascading strategic and business plans, including KPIs
  • Performance management and accountability
  • Third party spend optimisation
  • Decision making effectiveness

GOVERNANCE – Assisting clients with governance projects, from board culture and capability to board appraisals and review.

Our governance related services include:

  • Board and director surveys / feedback
  • Delegations frameworks
  • Board committee charters
  • Board capability analyses
  • CEO / chair role clarification
  • Confidential board issue resolution
  • Stakeholder mapping / engagement