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Marc Levy

Marc is the founding director of Right Lane Consulting. He has played leading roles in approximately 100 strategic and business planning processes and more than 500 management and board workshops. To our knowledge, there is no more experienced leader of strategy and planning processes in the country, and Marc is one of a handful of top team strategy facilitators globally with more than 10,000 hours of experience in this discipline.

Marc’s engagements have included:

  • Strategy and planning: Running a third consecutive strategic planning process for one of Australia’s largest super funds. Co-creating integrated strategy, planning, resource allocation and budgeting processes for a UN initiative. Leading processes to cascade corporate strategies, initiatives and metrics through to business and divisional plans and individuals’ performance development plans for industry associations, healthcare clients and super funds.
  • Vision and purpose: Assisting clients in professional services, financial services, consumer and industrial products, and the social sector to create galvanising company statements that provide context for strategic decision making and act as a rallying point for employees.
  • Growth: Leading projects centred on growth options evaluation, marketing spend effectiveness, merger candidate qualification, new product and market feasibility, and brand strategy.
  • Organisation: Working with clients on agile strategy, agile resourcing and agile ways of working, with a particular focus on resource allocation effectiveness and financial budgeting. Helping clients to align their organisation structures and operating rhythms to their strategies.
  • Stakeholder engagement: Moderating highly inclusive stakeholder engagement processes in the local government, aged care and superannuation sectors.

Marc has completed transformational work across several industries, including having made contributions to reviving a major global sport in Australia and saving a 150-year old Victorian institution. Marc has worked as a strategic advisor to several award winning not for profit super funds and their peak bodies.

He holds business degrees from Monash University and the Melbourne Business School and a PhD from the University of Melbourne on a topic relating to economic and social participation policy.



Zoe is a principal at Right Lane Consulting. She has been with the firm for ten years. In the past three years, Zoe has worked on nearly 100 consulting projects and facilitated over 150 workshops, primarily with executive teams and boards.

Zoe has developed a reputation for clear thinking and communication, including the ability to reframe complex problems to make them easier to understand and solve. Her projects consistently achieve very high client satisfaction and advocacy ratings, in part because she stays very close to clients and their wants and needs. Zoe prides herself on never missing a client signal and always being on top of how clients’ directors and senior managers are thinking about her projects.

Zoe has extensive experience in leading strategy, planning, growth and organisation projects in the financial services, retail, healthcare and government sectors. Her recent projects have involved:

  • Strategy and planning: Facilitating a number of strategic thinking and strategic planning workshops with for profit, not-for-profit and government organisations. Facilitating a steering committee (including a diverse range of stakeholders and views)
    as they oversaw a critical organisation change. Facilitating a strategy day for the leadership team of an ASX listed pharmaceutical company as they evolved a new strategy. Developing a strategy and organisation design for a disruptive specialty retailer with a promising growth trajectory.
  • Vision and purpose: Working with several organisations in the financial services and travel and leisure sectors to help board and executive teams rethink their vision and purpose statements to help guide strategic decision making.
  • Growth strategy: Facilitating staff and board workshops with one of Australia’s largest industry super funds. Working with a large client team to transform a financial services organisation’s approach to growth strategy, from executing priority growth options to supporting a subcommittee of senior directors to advance the merger agenda.
  • Organisation: Leading organisation redesign projects for wealth management and telecommunications industry clients. Helping clients to design and operationalise integrated performance management systems, from corporate balanced scorecards to individual KPI frameworks. Working with marketing, business development and operations teams to improve the effectiveness of a client’s structure, processes, resource allocation and performance management.

Before joining Right Lane, Zoe had 15 years experience in operational and management roles. She was previously a business manager, financial controller and management accountant in the publishing, entertainment, communications and IT security industries. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.



Chiara is a principal at Right Lane Consulting. Chiara has deep experience in the public and social sectors, bringing more than ten years working in and for government and the social sector as a strategy consultant and policy adviser.

Prior to joining Right Lane, Chiara worked at Boston Consulting Group were she was a core member of their public sector practice. Chiara was a Policy Adviser at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra where she worked under the Rudd and Gillard Governments on health reform and international policy.

Beyond the public sector, Chiara also has consulting experience across a broad range of industries including financial services, industrial goods and the retail industry. She has experience in strategy, organisational transformation and business development and is passionate about supporting her clients to solve their toughest problems.

Since joining Right Lane, Chiara has worked on projects in the government and community services sectors, financial services and in education. Her recent projects include:

  • Developing the national operating model for a not for profit organisation to improve service delivery and their federally funded program of activities.
  • Challenging the current service delivery model of a large not for profit to elicit efficiencies in its processes enabling better outcomes for clients, communities and stakeholders.
  • Preparing for and facilitating the strategy refresh process with the Board of a leading independent secondary education provider, including developing a comprehensive view of the waves of change in the education sector.
  • Developing an ethical framework and code of conduct for a member based organisation.
  • Conducting a co-design process for two not for profit organisations as they seek funding through a government grants initiative.

Chiara has a deep passion for social impact and has worked with a number of local and international NFP organisations. She was a founding volunteer and board member at the Oaktree Foundation, and has worked with indigenous organisations in the Cape York Peninsula and the Tiwi Islands. Chiara was awarded a scholarship to participate in the Victorian Government’s Women’s Leadership Program for 2019.

Chiara has a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the Australian National University and a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University.



Debbie is a senior expert at Right Lane with 20 years consulting experience across a range of industries including government, community services, education, health care and financial services.

Debbie is respected by her colleagues and clients for her ability to quickly synthesise complex information, assess the potential of opportunities and ask probing questions.

She is an expert in governance, strategy development and implementation, and performance improvement. She has contributed significantly to Right Lane’s knowledge and methods in the areas of assessing board capabilities and effectiveness, growth strategy and merger option evaluation.

Her recent projects have included:

  • Strategy and planning: Developing the Council plan and Business plan for one of Victoria's largest metropolitan councils. Conducting strategic planning processes – including the facilitation of executive team workshops – for several clients.
  • Organisation design: Working with the Executive team of a social services organisation; designed a new organisation structure and accountability framework to aligned the organisation to its new strategic priorities.
  • Governance: Working with directors of a professional services company to diagnose governance challenges in the partnership structure and collaborate to establish the framework of an improved leadership structure.
  • Growth: Helping the board of a major institutional investor agree on a growth strategy and build a new management structure, working from strategy, through capabilities, to PDs and KPIs.
  • Merger assessment: Developing a merger assessment tool for a homecare health services provider to guide the Board’s decision making on potential partners.

In addition to her consulting work, Debbie is an experienced non-executive director. She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company and from 2009-18 was a non-executive director of Monash Health the largest health service in Victoria with a budget of over $1.8 billion.

Before Right Lane, Debbie was an engagement manager at Booz & Co. She has a MBA (with distinction) from one of the world’s leading programs at INSEAD, a masters of operations research from Auckland University and a bachelor of commerce from Canterbury University.



Andrew is a senior expert at Right Lane, with deep competencies in strategic planning, business analysis and modelling, consumer and market research and alignment of IT with business practice. He has more than 16 years of consulting experience, involving over 100 separate engagements, and has been a member of Right Lane’s professional network for more than ten years.

Some of Andrew’s recent projects have involved:

  • Strategy and planning: Being one of the lead authors on Right Lane’s annual white paper on industry super forces at work and co-facilitating an industry forum that examined challenges presented by changing policy and competitive landscapes
  • Business analysis and modelling: Developing a business case, including detailed financial modelling, for a significant technology investment for one of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds
  • Consumer and market research: Facilitating—with a client team—a detailed analysis of the market for superannuation products within a large and growing sector of the Australian economy
  • Alignment of IT with business requirements: Playing a key role in implementation planning for a major technology infrastructure outsourcing initiative at a large Australian bank.

Andrew began his career at Accenture, where he was involved in strategy engagements in Australia and Asia and received training in strategic and financial analysis in France and the United States. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Modern Languages in Indonesian from the University of Melbourne, and was recently invited by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business to provide the Occasional Address at the Faculty’s graduation ceremony.



Matt has spent more than ten years in consulting, including five years at McKinsey & Company, leading high-performing teams in strategy, organisational and operational problem-solving studies within large global institutions. He has worked with Right Lane since 2012.

Matt’s recent projects have included:

  • reviewing operating rhythms for the investment department of a leading super fund
  • implementing operating rhythm improvements for two major mining clients
  • reviewing an organisation’s values, with respect to connection to strategy and performance culture, for a leading corporate client
  • facilitating a series of strategy review workshops for the Australian office of a global FMCG company
  • conducting a strategy review for a leading logistics company
  • conducting a strategy review for a diversified industrial holding company
  • supporting a super fund in developing an integrated growth strategy.

Matt previously worked for seven years in management roles in the finance function of wholesale bank Abbey Financial Markets in London and the United States. His industry experience spans financial services, mining, retail, consumer goods, transport, energy, oil and gas, telco, government and not-for-profits.

Matt holds an MBA from the Melbourne Business School (Dean’s List) and a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University.



Abhishek is an associate principal with Right Lane with strong quantitative and analytical skills. He has a particular interest in helping clients translate their strategy into financial performance. He has demonstrated creative problem solving skills and an ability to communicate complex ideas to clients effectively.

In his time at Right Lane, Abhishek has worked with over 50 clients on more than 100 consulting projects – a reflection of his work ethic and his colleagues’ confidence in him.

In the last year, Abhishek has worked on projects involving:

  • Strategy and planning: Helping a large non-profit financial services organisation to refresh its long-term strategy. Co-developing measurement, monitoring and review processes for a prominent Victorian non-profit organisation. Assisting a financial services organisation to cascade their strategy throughout the organisation.
  • Organisation effectiveness: Leading an organisation redesign process for a large non-profit financial services organisation. Working with an investment team of a superannuation fund to build a high performing investment team. Helping teams create alignment within their teams, improve their ways of working, and boost their effectiveness for multiple financial services organisations.
  • Growth: Developing a business case for a financial services client to enter a new market. Working with a non-profit disability employment service provider to develop a growth strategy and business plan.
    Working with a client team to develop a growth and implementation strategy for a new business. Helping
    a client team to identify and prioritise potential opportunities for inorganic growth through mergers and partnerships.
  • Superannuation: Abhishek has served 15 superannuation fund and fund service providers on nearly 70 projects, ranging from Board strategy offsites to investment team capability building. He has worked with investment teams of three funds on projects relating to strategy development, operating model design, and business case development. Abhishek has played a leading role in Right Lane’s thought leadership in superannuation, contributing to the Retirement Incomes Forum and the development of the last four editions of Right Lane’s annual Industry Super Forces at Work Report.
  • Analysis and modelling: Working with a client team to diagnose the organisation’s current situation and challenges for a large industry association. Helping a non-profit financial services client develop an understanding of the key strategic issues facing their business. Developing financial models to assist a client with its pricing strategy. Conducting industry analyses to help clients understand the changing environment and the implications for their organisations.

Abhishek holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Monash University with First Class honours.



Tal is a senior expert with Right Lane and leads our Sports Practice and Innovation Practice.

An Olympian, lawyer and expert facilitator, Tal brings extensive experience in sport, legal and public sectors to Right Lane Consulting. Tal’s focus includes providing strategy, policy and stakeholder engagement services and advice for clients across the public, not-for profit and private sectors.

A skilled facilitator and engagement expert, Tal has successfully designed and delivered a large range of deliberative engagement processes on complex, sensitive and contentious topics. Innovation, inclusivity, transparency and accountability have been hallmarks of her approach.

Prior to joining Right Lane, Tal ran her own strategy and deliberative engagement practice. Over the course of her career, Tal has held a variety of senior legal practice, policy and strategy roles, including with Victoria Legal Aid, the Sentencing Advisory Council, the Department of Justice and the Victorian Minister for Women and the Prevention of Family Violence.

As Civil Advocate in Victoria Legal Chambers, Tal appeared in complex civil and criminal matters in jurisdictions including the Victorian Supreme Court, County Court, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

After completing a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts at ANU with first class honours in law and the University’s Blackburn Medal for Research, Tal became Associate to Justice Hayne of the High Court of Australia.

In earlier years, Tal balanced her legal career with elite sport, representing Australia as a member of the Matildas and captaining Melbourne Victory in the W-League. Tal is a Senior Fellow of Sports Law (Melbourne Law Masters) at the University of Melbourne and a ‘Change our Game’ Ambassador for the Victorian Government. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Tal is a Board Director of both the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and YMCA Australia.



Jess is a senior associate with Right Lane, who works closely with client teams to ensure we conduct engaging and effective projects. She has exceptional attention to detail and a methodical approach to running client engagements.

Since joining Right Lane two years ago, she has worked on many strategy consulting projects across a variety of industries including not-for-profits, government agencies, financial services, pharmaceuticals and education.

Jess’s recent engagements include:

  • Strategy and planning: Engaging with clients to diagnose the internal and external factors impacting upon their organisations, and using this knowledge to inform the development of their strategic plans. Cascading a new strategy to several teams within a large government entity following a major restructure.
  • Organisational effectiveness: Engaging support services teams for a professional services firm to help them articulate their unique contribution to the strategy and their vision to further enhance the success of the firm. Working with collaborating teams to build vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • Strategy mobilisation: Working with large groups to cascade strategic decisions through to all staff; providing forums for staff to present their perspectives. Facilitating a process to develop a clear articulation of a team’s unique value proposition and contribution to the overall tertiary institution.
  • Growth strategy: Facilitating a
    co-design process for a new insurance product by engaging potential new customers through the design journey. Co-creating ideation and innovation processes in the healthcare, insurance and government sectors. Independently testing and validating a client’s growth initiatives to assess the likelihood of attaining their growth aspiration.
  • Stakeholder alignment: Planning and co-facilitating inclusive stakeholder engagement processes, ensuring all perspectives are expressed and fostering innovation in client organisations. Facilitating a forum with 60+ stakeholders to introduce astatewideproject and provide stakeholders with an opportunity to scope and influence future policy.

Jess represents that rare mix of analytical thinking and creative expression. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering (first class honours) and Arts (Drama and Theatre Studies) from Monash University, she appreciates bold visionary thinking supported by solid evidence.



Lora Vaioleti is a senior expert at Right Lane Consulting. She has deep experience in international strategic consulting, research and management.

Prior to joining Right Lane, Lora was a project leader at Boston Consulting Group where she worked with public, private and third sector clients on service and operating model transformation, and policy and strategy development.

Prior to BCG, Lora worked for the NZ Government at the UN in New York, covering international development and humanitarian crises. She has held positions with not-for-profits and research organisations in the US and NZ and led international research – including for UNESCO –  on issues relating to of poverty, climate change and human mobility. Lora has worked as an academic, social media and marketing strategist and physiotherapist. She is a Fulbright Scholar, and completed a Master of Management with a focus on sustainability at the University of California, Irvine.



Giselle is a senior expert and dreamer of bold ideas, and is passionate about finding better ways to frame and solve problems. Since joining Right Lane she has worked on over 100 consulting projects and facilitated over 60 workshops.

Giselle has served clients in the financial  services, health care, retail, public and community sectors on projects relating to strategy, growth, innovation and  culture. She loves applying creative  approaches to a problem and encourages those she works with to imagine new  possibilities.

Giselle has developed a strong practice in design thinking and has undertaken executive training in ‘Design Thinking for Business Innovation' at Darden Business  School, University of Virginia. She has lead the development and delivery of ideation forums for government, NFP and private sector clients. She has a keen interest in exploring the intersection between business, community building and social and economic justice.

Giselle holds degrees in law and arts (honours; J.S. Duncan award for best  honours thesis) majoring in geography from Monash (and Utrecht University on  exchange), and a graduate diploma of legal practice from ANU.

She sits on the board of the performing arts company Play On and is a co-founder of Either / Oar an urban transformation project in the shape of a boat bar (she’s not joking about the boat bar).



Amarachi is an associate at Right Lane with four years experience in financial planning, budgeting, data analysis and cost management. Prior to joining Right Lane, Amarachi was a manager and senior financial analyst with CHC Helicopter in the United States and Canada.

Amarachi’s recent projects include:

  • Working closely with the marketing team of a leading superannuation fund to conduct a review of the team’s strategy and structure by clarifying their vision, strategic priorities and an operating model that will help them achieve their aspirations.
  • Assisting the Chief Executive and People and Culture Manager of a regional disability services organisation to develop a fit-for-purpose organisational structure by analysing quantitative and qualitative data and developing case studies as inputs to the process.

Amarachi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics (with Distinction) from Simon Fraser University, Canada and is currently completing her Masters of Business Administration at Melbourne Business School.



Richard is an associate with Right Lane Consulting. He has been with the firm since 2018 and, in that time, has worked with over 30 clients on more than 40 projects across many industries, ranging from financial services and investment management, to packaging and retail.

He is known by clients and colleagues for his structured and creative approach to problem solving and, in particular, his skill in synthesising valuable insights from numerical and qualitative analyses. Supporting this, he is deeply experienced in communicating complex and nuanced concepts to clients in a clear, concise and consumable format.

Richard’s recent projects include:

  • Advising a leading Australian language services provider on adapting to significant increases in their workforce obligations. This eight-month process included in-depth analysis of demand data to model, and quantify the benefits of, alternative service delivery options.
  • Helping an Australian not-for-profit organisation redesign their payroll process to address systemic errors, and frequent delays, in payments to workers.
  • Identifying, and developing business cases for, growth opportunities of an Australian drafting services organisation.
  • Working with a leading Australian FinTech to articulate their product strategy and understand the implications this has on their operating model.

Richard holds degrees in Commerce and Engineering, with First Class Honours, from Monash University.



Aaron is a business analyst at Right Lane. He works with senior consultants and client teams to deliver successful engagements by overseeing project delivery and conducting in-depth analysis.

He has a background in research, with strengths in conducting numerical and qualitative analyses and problem solving. He has experience communicating complicated ideas in digestible formats through previous work in tertiary education and the professional sports industry.

Aaron’s recent projects include:

  • Assisting one of Australia’s leading industry super funds with their strategic planning process, helping them consider industry trends and develop a clear strategic direction.
  • Helping a leading Australian FinTech develop their product strategy and align their organisation design.

Aaron holds a first class honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne and an honours in Economics, focusing on behavioural biases relating to attribution.



Andres is a business analyst at Right Lane Consulting. He supports senior consultants deliver successful engagements by conducting in-depth research and analysis, and effectively managing the project delivery process.

Andres has strong research and analytical skills, and has experience gathering and analysing complex data to deliver practical insights.

Prior to joining Right Lane, he worked in private equity and in valuation advisory services.

Andres’ recent projects include:

  • Helping a large non-profit superannuation fund to refine its direct-to-member growth strategy, including segmenting, sizing and prioritising the market
  • Helping a large non-profit financial services firm refresh its long-term strategy
  • Conducting financial analysis for a large network of pharmacies to understand the key drivers of profitability across the business and developing a plan to return underperforming pharmacies to profitability
  • Assisting a superannuation fund to review and redesign a detailed strategy and business planning process map.

Andres holds a Bachelor of Financial Management from Tec de Monterrey, Mexico. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and completed exchanges at the University of Melbourne and at Monash University.



Simon is a business analyst at Right Lane with a passion for and experience in structured problem solving, efficient and reliable project management and the crafting of succinct and compelling narratives.

Since joining Right Lane he has worked on over 30 consulting engagements across public and private sectors and not-for-profits.

Some of his recent projects include:

  • Conducting analyses for a not-for-profit to identify the highest-opportunity channels to target for its recruitment strategy
  • Implementing a new planning process at a sales and distribution organisation and kick-starting the capturing of efficiency improvements across the business
  • Working with federal government colleagues to help not-for-profit organisations develop innovative programs to address long-term welfare dependency, including assisting with program design, planning and evaluation
  • Crafting a strategic narrative for a not-for-profit that articulated organisation’s reason for being, their theory of change for how they would create real-world impact
  • Helping the leaders of an airport operations organisation to refresh the organisation’s strategy.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.



Lauren Spiteri leads our digital marketing and new client development functions.

Lauren matches consulting teams with client projects, considering clients’ needs and project requirements, team balance, and consultants’ development needs. She works closely with our associates, project managers, and analysts, coaching them on engagement management, in order that we can continue to deliver to the highest professional standards.

Lauren also leads our design and data visualisation team whose remit is to create workshop materials, presentations and reports of exceptional quality.

Her ability to think through projects from start to finish helps to ensure that Right Lane projects run smoothly and that no stone is left unturned.

Lauren holds bachelor and masters degrees in Business from La Trobe and Victoria universities respectively.



Anna is a senior designer and head of design at Right Lane. Having worked with our firm for over ten years, and prior to that with management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Anna is an expert at communicating strategy and complex problems with visual solutions.

This intersection between design and strategy prompted Anna’s interest and passion for design-thinking. Anna has co-developed design-thinking frameworks for use during hack events – including innovative and creative processes that put people and customers at the heart of problem solving.

Anna’s recent projects have included:

  • Helping to orchestrate a strategy workshop for more than 150 partners of a major professional services firm
  • Co-facilitating a hack day for one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit super funds; this hack day involved managers finding a solution to a human resources related policy challenge
  • Assisting with the design of, and co-facilitating, a staff hack day for a division of a state government statutory authority; this hack day aimed to provide multiple solutions to a challenge relating to improving the customer experience.

Anna holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication/Graphic Design from RMIT.



We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit ― ARISTOTLE

Jackie and Aristotle have a two things in common. First, a commitment to excellence. Second, the desire to be judged by what they do, not what they say.

Jackie has been with Right Lane in varying roles for the past eight years. In her current role, Jackie is responsible for embedding Right Lane’s quality assurance standards in all engagements across the firm reflecting our firms commitment to top quality consulting outcomes, and service quality. Right Lane enjoys a ‘world class’ net promoter score, currently in the low 70s. Jackie’s role is to keep it there, and in doing so creating long term trusted partnerships with our clients.



Lou combines her two areas of expertise – communication and design – to prepare and produce materials and presentations of the highest quality. She supports our consulting team by developing client engagement materials, ensuring they are professional, compelling, informative and highly visual.

In addition, Lou works with our marketing team to coordinate our brand, digital marketing and general communication efforts. In doing so she creates clear, consistent and engaging communications materials for dissemination across a broad range of channels.

Lou is central to Right Lane’s dynamic working environment, and has a supernatural ability to multitask.

Lou holds a master’s in External and Internal Communication from the University of Lille, France.



Jo Bradley is the head of finance, governance and enablement at Right Lane, respected by her colleagues for her action oriented approach, attention to detail and ability to ‘zoom in and out’ on organisational issues.

Jo is responsible for managing our administration function, with a focus on firm governance, internal reporting and consulting enablement. Jo has also project managed a number of client engagements in our low and pro bono program, including two philanthropic summits focussing on alleviating place based disadvantage and several board strategy workshops for not for profits organisations.

Prior to joining Right Lane seven years ago, Jo was a general manager in the solar energy sector and held management roles in the apparel industry. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Murdoch University and a Graduate Diploma of Corporate Environmental Management from Monash University, both with distinction.



Stella Mendygralis the consulting enablement specialist at Right Lane, and is a respected team member with a proactive approach who is eager to learn and help others.

Stella supports the consulting team with internal and client-facing technology; engagement reporting; human resources coordination; and other support our consulting team needs to do their work.

She is enthusiastic about new systems and processes that will make our firm run more efficiently. She brings a strong background in office administration and management, with a previous role as Office manager in the accounting industry.

Stella holds a Diploma in Human Resources and is currently completing an undergraduate degree with a double major in Business and Human Resource Management at Griffith University.

‘At Right Lane I have been given the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of intelligent and enthusiastic people.’