About us

Right Lane is a purpose-driven, top quality, ethical management consulting firm.

About our firm

Right Lane is a purpose-driven management consulting firm.

We employ our distinctive ideas and processes, and our absolute commitment to delivery, to help clients we care about pursue their inspiring missions. 

We work alongside clients who do great work within the sectors they operate, and we are driven to create outcomes that truly make a difference. 

We are a certified B Corporation with a strong belief in the work we do, and with a passion to give back to the broader community with our team’s extensive skills and expertise. 

Right Lane was established in 1997 to help private, not-for-profit and public sector clients to clarify and accelerate their future plans. Over the past 25 years, we have helped the executive teams and boards of over 350 organisations to define and adapt their direction and strategy, identify and clarify their priorities, align their efforts with their aspirations, get their major projects started and finished, and measure and improve their performance. 

In June 2022, Right Lane became the first privately owned Australian management consulting firm, and possibly the first for-profit company in Australia, to restructure into a majority-foundation owned and controlled company. Read a message from the firm’s Founder and Chair about the Right Lane Foundation and its antecedents.

Client focus

We focus on working with:

Board and





Whole of


Project size

Our projects are usually budgeted between:

$20 – $100k

$100 – $500k

$500k – $2m

$2 – $5m

Client size

Our clients are typically:






We have:





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ability to


Sector focus


Industry superannuation

Enhancing the competitiveness and efficiency for the investors of Australian industry superannuation – non-profit super funds and their partners 


Public sector

Partnering with government departments and agencies to provide targeted capacity and capability to deliver strategic priorities 


Caring economy

Supporting caring organisations to fulfil their purpose and potential in an environment of significant sector reform 


Social justice

Fuelling organisations in the business of creating positive social change 

Our values


We have a sharp focus on impact and creating value

Our impact is determined by the achievements our clients make, and we humbly support them as they grapple with their highest priority challenges.

We strive to deliver outcomes and impact, and we co-design our projects pragmatically to meet our clients’ needs. We seek to maximise the impact of every client dollar and are deliberate and careful in how resources are spent.


We are relentless in our pursuit of better

We seek to excel in our approach to problem solving and project delivery. We believe that collaboration and diversity of thought helps us to bring the best ideas to our clients.

We have a responsibility to challenge ourselves, each other and our clients to achieve better results.


We take ownership for developing ourselves and our firm

We have agency and autonomy to drive our development and career.

We are ambitious and determined to build a high performance, high accountability culture within our firm.


We care deeply for our clients and our team

We are deeply inspired by our clients' purpose and are committed to supporting the individuals and organisations we choose to serve. We walk alongside our clients with empathy and always strive to deliver to the highest quality.

We genuinely care for our Right Lane team and selflessly invest in each other’s development and wellbeing. Anyone, regardless of their role, will roll up their sleeves to help get the job done, whether it’s testing the thinking, proofing for detail or walking a whiteboard down the street.