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About Right Lane

Right Lane is a flourishing, top quality, management consulting firm.

We employ our distinctive ideas and processes, and our absolute commitment to delivery, to help clients we care about pursue their inspiring missions. We work alongside clients who do great work within the sectors they operate in, and we are excited to be involved in creating outcomes that truly make a difference. We are an ethical consulting firm with a strong belief in the work we do, and with a passion to give back to the broader community with the skills and expertise available within our walls.


‘It’s an exciting time to be working at Right Lane – we are continuing to grow and our work has never been so impactful and fulfilling.’ – Marc Levy, Founder & Chair

Why join Right Lane?

Right Lane is an equal opportunity employer who values and supports flexible work practices that provide everyone with equal opportunities regardless of their situation. We champion both full- and part-time positions.


What our people say about working at Right Lane

Ensuring our people find their highest calling at Right Lane is important to us.

We asked a selection of our staff what working at Right Lane means to them. 


Marc Levy, Founder and Chair, 1997

Being the founding director of Right Lane is a privilege. I get to work closely with CEOs – more than 80 now in my career – on some of their most exciting opportunities and difficult challenges. I find our work incredibly satisfying and I’m fortunate to coach some incredibly talented people.

The variety of my work excites me. I‘m currently working on strategy and operations projects for a plaintiff law firm, a responsible investment organisation, a medical devices business, and a global SaaS company. 

Right Lane is different from other firms I have worked for as we work on multiple projects at the same time and generally only serve boards and executive teams, which means our people quickly accumulate a lot of valuable experience. We work with clients that have a positive impact in the world; we generally work reasonable hours for our industry; and we don’t travel much. For a smaller firm we are focused on consultants’ development and progression.

I love building a firm with my colleagues, the relationships I have with our clients, and seeing the impact of our work every day.

Chloe Mitchell, Associate principal (joined 2021)

As an associate principal I lead the design, problem-solving and delivery of projects (often autonomously, but always with an excellent group of principals and senior experts to provide guidance as needed). I am encouraged to pursue and build areas of the business which align with my interests and the opportunities available; and I provide coaching and apprenticeship to support the development of our junior consulting team.

I’m working across such a variety of clients and projects at the moment, meaning in a given day I can be doing community consultation in the morning through to debating corporate strategy with a board Chair later in the afternoon – there’s never a dull moment!

I love working with our smart, down-to-earth, values-aligned team – we are connected by the shared purpose to contribute to a better society by helping organisations that do good, do better.

Right Lane differs from my previous workplaces because there is less hierarchy in the way we work and more opportunities for all team members to contribute. The support for our team to deliver exceptional consulting is leading-class – we have a large and continually growing knowledge base, a sizeable design and quality team, and access to the latest tools and platforms. There is also a deliberate focus on serving a ‘for purpose’ client base, which I really appreciate.


Aaron Richards, Senior associate (joined 2019)

As a senior associate at Right Lane, I manage projects from end-to-end, having full visibility of, and responsibility for, all the elements required to successfully deliver the project. I independently deliver significant pieces of analysis, and contribute ideas to help address our clients' problems, and relish the opportunity to both develop close relationships with clients, and to lead small projects and client relationships.

I am currently working for 3 clients in 3 very different industries – I’m playing a key role in fascinating portfolio strategy decisions for an ASX200 company; am delving deeply into the current and future university sector to help build a 10-year strategy; and I’ve had the opportunity to lead an engagement and facilitate a major workshop for the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST).

I love being part of a helpful, collaborative team and working with smart and caring people who are having real impact for organisations doing good in the world. The relatively flat organisation structure means there are opportunities for everyone to contribute their ideas.

I appreciate the attention and focus given to individual development; the opportunity for exposure to senior members of client teams (i.e. CEOs, boards); the tight-knit community vibe and positive office environment; and the variety of development opportunities that arise from working on multiple projects at once, meaning that every day is different and interesting.

Jacob Mercer, Associate (joined 2021)

As an associate I am responsible for project delivery, and need to be on top of all aspects of my project/s, from logistics to timelines to materials. I have the freedom to problem solve, being encouraged to share my ideas on how to approach a problem/project, and then to execute those ideas and see them flourish and succeed.

I’m excited by the clients I get to work with. I never have to worry about the ethics or morals of my work because I know that I’m helping organisations that do good, do better. I also get a great range of client industries and problems, constantly learning from my colleagues, by drawing on their experience and expertise as we share in the problem-solving.

I really appreciate the level of responsibility/opportunity given at junior levels, and the supportive working environment, where senior people care about my development, are understanding of the areas I need to improve, and look to maximise my strengths. Everyone, regardless of seniority or business, is willing to help at a moment’s notice. 

On a daily basis I get to engage in background problem solving and foreground client interactions, greatly speeding up the development of my overall skill set, and unlike other analysts at (larger) firms I don’t just do analysis work.

Working for a variety of clients at any one time, means I’m gaining exposure to more industries and their related issues, and whilst we work closely with corporate Australia, Right Lane feels friendly and purposeful rather than being too corporate.

Most importantly our ‘for purpose’ clients are having a positive impact on the world and they really trust us, meaning we have scope to problem-solve their unique issues in interesting and diverse ways.


Jackie Laws, Quality assurance specialist (joined 2011)

As the quality assurance specialist I am responsible for embedding quality assurance standards in all engagements across the firm reflecting our firm's commitment to top quality consulting outcomes, and service quality. 

Right Lane has a world-class net promoter score – that I am particularly proud of – and that everyone works hard to maintain and improve, and our clients rave about us! 

I love being part of this high-functioning team filled with complementary skills and talents, and I enjoy working with smart people, who are business savvy and efficient in the ways they work.

I also really appreciate being able to work flexibly; even pre-COVID we were already set up, and able, to work from home.