Learning and development at Right Lane Consulting

Right Lane’s 4 pillars of learning and development

At Right Lane Consulting, we have a strong commitment to learning and development. A unique and tailored learning program has been developed and implemented to provide opportunities for necessary skill-building and career progression.

The program is built around 4 key pillars.

  1. The New Starters Program
  2. The apprenticeship model
  3. Coaching and internal learning and development
  4. External training.

We believe that these interrelated pillars act as a foundation for ongoing learning and development at Right Lane Consulting and are a symbol of our commitment to the continual development of our team.

The new starters program:

During the first 6 months, consultants new to the firm will experience a variety of onboarding activities. This will include taking part in:

  • The Introduction to consulting series: formal training sessions with a leadership development professional.
  • Structured Problem-Solving sessions: new starters receive coaching, as well as feedback, from a senior expert within the firm.
  • A Buddy Program: newcomers shadow a more experienced consultant to get an introduction to current projects and the ways to navigate Right Lane Consulting processes and systems.


The apprenticeship model:

The second and largest pillar is the apprenticeship model. The apprenticeship model is a relationship-driven learning model, based on actual day-to-day work, in which a ‘novice’ gains hands-on knowledge from an ‘expert’ to grow skills and act with increasing independence. It provides a unique opportunity for new starters to receive real-time constructive feedback on their performance, whilst immersing themselves in our clients and their projects. The apprenticeship model also enables participants the opportunity to get involved in pro and low-bono work that align with their interests. Most importantly, for each project under the apprenticeship model, there will be:

  • Pre-project conversations with the project team and/or lead regarding the consultant’s learning and development priority and their attendant role/contribution to the project.
  • Post-project team review of performance to review how the consultant performed against their objective, and to review any feedback to support their development.


Coaching and Internal learning and development

At Right Lane Consulting, there is continued support for all team members, including our more experienced consultants. This includes:

  • Coaching: A consultant will receive fortnightly 1:1 coaching from an Associate Principal or Principal to discuss goals, performance, career progression.
  • Performance reviews: Bi-Annual performance reviews are conducted for each team member focussing on competencies for their role, as well as longer-term career aspirations.
  • Knowledge Working Lunches: At monthly firm-wide knowledge lunches consultants share knowledge gained from projects, relevant books or journals are presented.
  • Right Lane Strategy Day and quarterly strategy updates: Each consultant has an opportunity to engage with, and impact, the Firm’s strategy and performance, and is encouraged to contribute to Right Lane Consulting’s future direction and priorities at the yearly strategy day, typically held in July, and at quarterly strategy updates.


External training:

External speakers provide an invaluable opportunity for our team to explore interests, learn from clients and build capabilities. This includes:

  • Client and external guest speakers: To support knowledge sharing from clients and guests from our priority sectors.
  • External engagement opportunities: We encourage and support our consultants to attend conferences, be a guest speaker, or feature on a panel.
  • External training: We encourage our consultants to attend external training or short courses that address individual development goals and priorities.

For more information about Right Lane Consulting’s learning and development program please contact our Head Of New Client Development & Digital Assets Lauren Spiteri at lauren@rightlane.com.au.