Inside Gender Equality

Supporting more equitable service design, program implementation and workforce experiences

Right Lane has supported 20 defined entities to meet and exceed the requirements of the Gender Equality Act 2020, as well as guiding progressive private organisations to improve their gender-related impact.

Equality is core to who we are and what we do. Right Lane recognises that gender equality improves organisational performance, enhances the quality of decision making, promotes innovation and attracts and retains talent. We are committed to promoting and improving diversity within our own firm, with our clients, and in the communities in which we work.

Since the enactment of the Gender Equality Act 2020, we have supported 20 defined entities to understand their obligations and execute gender equality initiatives that push beyond compliance to drive real, meaningful impact.

We understand that there is a lot to learn for individuals and organisations, and we help demystify concepts like intersectionality and gender impact assessment to support organisations move from understanding to action.

Since January 2020, Right Lane has served 22 clients across the following areas:

GE Action Planning
Gender Impact Assesment
Capability Building

Our areas of expertise


Workplace Gender Audit

‘I want to understand the current state of gender equality in my organisation to clarify our baseline and priorities.’


Workplace Gender Equality Action Planning

‘I need support to take our gender equality challenges and identify actionable steps to make a
positive change.’


Gender Impact Assessment

‘I want to design and deliver programs and services that are responsive to the needs of our diverse communities.’


Organisational Capability Building

‘I need help building organisational knowledge and practical skills to combat unconscious bias within my teams.’


‘Thanks for your facilitation of our GEAP discussion with our team today. I missed the unmute button before I could commend you on a wonderfully professional, focused delivery and positively collaborative session. Appreciated!’

Board member, Victorian TAFE network

‘Right Lane creates a truly 'safe space' and invite people to really open up about the issues at hand. Super job all!’

Manager People and Development, Victorian TAFE network

‘I just wanted to say thank you for your contribution today. The GE discussion with the board went extremely well and provided sound directions and insights with respect to GE at our organisation. Well done on the structure and timing of the presentation! It was extremely well received.‘

Executive Director Strategy and Governance, Victorian TAFE network

Our commitment to the sector

Right Lane is proud to support and invest time, knowledge and learnings within the sector.
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In 2021, Right Lane supported the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector team to develop a clear 4-year strategic plan, articulating their long-term vision for gender equality in Victoria, their most important 3-4 year goals, and a series of strategic initiatives that will enable them to create impact across the public sector and beyond.

We were also engaged by the Commission in September 2021 to develop level to the CEO classification guidance for the health sector.