How to win the virtual long game: a Right Lane playbook

Your team is now set-up to work remotely. They have the equipment they need, and they are confident in using it. So, what’s next?


Right Lane experts Lora Vaioleti and Zoe Pappas present – Playing the virtual long game: a Right Lane playbook.

This webinar suggests ways to best position your organisation for successful longer-term virtual teaming. In doing so, Zoe and Lora also work through a series of available templates from the Playbook to help organisations navigate their virtual norms.



The Playbook encourages leaders to ‘lift their eyes’ to consider three themes:

  1. Bond – team productivity, connection and sense of affiliation
  2. Collide – creativity and innovation moments, prioritisation and impact
  3. Bloom – personal sustainability and development.

A level of virtual teaming is potentially here to stay, and we can expect that for at least the next few months many of our internal and external interactions will continue to be run remotely. As leaders, this creates new challenges for longer-term team member productivity, their sense of affiliation and personal sustainability. At an enterprise level, this new reality raises critical questions around governance and decision-making, innovation and impact.

Diagnostic tool

To help you determine where your organisation currently sits in the virtual transition journey, we suggest using the following diagnostic tool.

Download webinar templates and presentation

The Right Lane webinar playbook presentation and example templates can be downloaded HERE.

To access the full playbook or for support tailoring the playbook to your organisation’s needs, please send us a note using the form below.

We hope the ideas presented here have given you something new to think about. For more information regarding any of the content discussed here, or to find out how Right Lane can assist your organisation to further thrive in this new virtual environment, get in touch today.

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