Women’s Financial Security Forum 2019 – Secure affordable housing for all women

In September 2019, Right Lane hosted its second Women’s Financial Security Forum focusing on the issue of secure and affordable housing for all women.

The forum brought together people interested in making a meaningful change in this space. At the forum, valuable connections were made, both on a large scale (e.g. connecting investors with innovators) and on a smaller scale (e.g. connecting women in need with services who could help them in the immediate term).

The forum included three substantive sessions:

  1. A panel of women sharing their experiences of homelessness and housing insecurity;
  2. A showcase of innovations working to make a difference to the provision of secure and affordable housing for women;
  3. A discussion of the barriers to a scalable, sustainable solution and what we can do, individually and collectively, to make a difference.

While there are many barriers to a sustainable solution, participants identified a number of actions that were within their spheres of control or influence, including:

The following six innovations were presented at the forum:

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF version of the above posters.

Participants felt they could make a practical contribution to one or more of these innovations. Here are a few examples:

  • Helping where I can with the state government and helping share this on social media
  • I’d love to partner with WPI to look at ways of increasing client’s financial resources and capabilities and publicising your initiatives with financial counselling capability clients
  • I’d be interested / excited to talk to Bank Australia about working with the team / their clients who are housing providers around increasing tenants’ financial capability and financial resources around real debt
  • I can help by sharing out through social media and through our philanthropic partners who are addressing disadvantage – in particular homelessness
  • I can connect you with institutional investors
  • I can provide market research / analytics if you have a particular question (2.3m members)

If you are interested in connecting to the innovation owners and feel you can make a contribution to one of these innovations, please contact us.

How can you help?