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December 2017: Imagine new possibilities

The summer break is upon us. These times of collective respite are important for us, as everything and everyone slows down. It’s a time to clear our minds, let inspiration take hold and consider new ideas. How can we bring some of that summer inspiration back to the office? This edition of the Right Lane Review is about the importance of fresh thinking and new ideas.

In this issue:

  • How to build a growth strategy in two days
  • The value of a robust diagnosis in a strategy process: Be better prepared for next year’s strategy and planning process
  • Curiosity will make you ready for complexity
  • Innovation is for everyone: Using design thinking to build a culture of innovation
  • Ideation in the real world: Reimagining the Royal Melbourne Show

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February 2017: Make over or make do

The beginning of a new year inevitably sees a barrage of advertising from gyms and the like for a ‘new year, new you’. People sign up for gyms that they don’t go to and write long lists of new year’s resolutions that they don’t keep. What if you like the old you? For a lot of us, the idea that we need to ‘reinvent’ ourselves at the beginning of a year gets a little tiresome.

This new year rhetoric is something we see mirrored in some organisations’ approach to strategic planning. Organisations can get caught up in the ‘new year, new you’ kind of thinking when it comes to their strategy, starting a new planning season with a blank sheet rather than making adjustments and correcting the course when that might be more appropriate. Two of our articles deal with the importance of embracing the ‘old you’ so to speak. Article two focuses on what to do in the years following adoption of a long term strategic plan, and article three identifies four practices to enhance the robustness of existing long term strategies.

Sometimes a wholesale reinvention is warranted; take values for example. As an organisation grows there may come a time when it outgrows its values, or perhaps they were never really an accurate reflection of what was truly valued. Article one explores two different approaches to inclusive values development and their benefits.

Organisation design should not always be seen as a makeover or reinvention; sometimes, a continual process that is about making focused adjustments to an organisation’s structure makes more sense. Right Lane director Marc Levy has drawn from his 20 years of consulting experience and the collective experiences of 23 CEOs to write article four ‘Are we there yet? Organisation design amid constant change’. These interviews also provided the foundation for article five ‘What’s on CEOs’ minds?’, which explores themes that emerged across these conversations. We wish to thank the 23 CEOs who spoke with us in November and December 2016 for their thoughtful contributions.

In other news, Right Lane has started 2017 in a new office in the Melbourne CBD and we have grown our team. We have high hopes for the year ahead. Come and visit us on level 9, 60 Collins Street, Melbourne. Same old us, same old you.

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May 2016: Strategy: lessons from the field

At this time of year we are typically in the middle of helping many clients with their strategy and planning processes.

As such we are intimately familiar with the conference centres of Australia and we’ve tasted many conference coffees and sandwiches too!

The coffee isn’t great but the incidental chats we have with clients are. It’s those moments between sessions over a scone, when we get to know the human side of your business; what you’re focussing on, what’s been great and what might be keeping you awake at night.

These conversations give us valuable insights, and so in this issue of Right Lane Review we discuss some of the issues that have been important to our clients over the last year:

  • What is the board’s role in strategy?
  • Strategic thinking before strategic planning – know where to start and where to finish
  • It all starts with an idea: How to run a regular ideation process to stay relevant and remain at the forefront of your industry
  • Preparing for the vision discussion: How to approach a discussion about vision in order to get the best result
  • Cascading strategy: What are the different approaches to cascading strategy and which one might be best for your organisation?

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June 2015: Learning and growth

Learning and the attendant growth are central to organisation performance and health.

In this edition we we reflect on what we have learnt during our recent work with our clients, in particular during the recent strategy and planning season. We explore:

  • decision making in the absence of a fact base
  • a framework to withstand the great business model disruption
  • creating compelling company statements
  • an approach to strategic thinking (where to play and how to win)
  • getting off to a fast start in the new financial year
  • ten key factors to running successful strategy workshops

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December 2014: Good. Better. Best

Rethink your approach to strategy, growth and organisation to deliver a better result in 2015.

In this edition we traverse our three practice areas: strategy, growth and organisation. We explore:

  • the impact of digital
  • growth in a digital world
  • ‘entry points to strategy’: a means of engaging boards and executives
  • the work of management teams
  • meeting effectiveness

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June 2014: reflect, refresh, reset

In this issue we look at:

  • how your organisation can ‘reflect, refresh, and reset’ and get going with FY2015
  • six ideas that can help you get off to a fast start in the new financial year
  • an in depth look at organisational agility
  • insights for long tenure CEOs
  • our list of ten strategic questions
  • a case study on the collective impact and the George Hicks Foundation

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December 2013: Sharpen your focus

In this issue we look at:

  • ways your organisation can concentrate its efforts to deliver better strategic outcomes in 2014
  • how to get off to a good start with strategy development
  • making focus a habit
  • cascading strategy to align your organisation
  • a case study outlining a process for accelerated strategy and planning
  • visual metrics and how to represent your strategy visually

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May 2013: Change-up

In this issue we look at

  • change: the importance of preparation
  • some key principles that apply to successful change initiatives
  • why change is such a challenge for individuals and organisations
  • and the importance of stakeholders in the change process

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