New year, new challenges: Ideas to inspire action

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At Right Lane, most of our work centres on helping our clients develop and implement better strategies. Because it’s so central to our practice, we try to stay on top of every development in the academic literature and practitioner discourse. We reflect regularly on our project learnings, and we endeavour to harness our own ideas and advance knowledge in the field.

As we march towards the fourth quarter, the focus inevitably turns to delivery and alignment: What to do with those strategy workshop outcomes, how to align strategy and resource allocation, how to execute.

This collection ‘New year, new challenges. Ideas to inspire action’ includes some of our best thinking with regard to resource allocation, team effectiveness, strategy implementation, and getting full value from strategy workshop outcomes.

As you read this collection, we encourage you to get in touch with the Right Lane team to discuss any of the themes covered in it. If these topics are on the minds of our clients, we feel sure you will be thinking about them too.

We’d love to talk to you about it.

Marc Levy, Director, Right Lane Consulting

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