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As this decade comes to a close many of us are invariably reflecting on the past ten years and thinking ahead to the next decade. What will be different this decade? In this edition of the Right Lane Review we are asking you to commit to taking action. Sometimes it feels like we expend all our energy in the thinking and planning, and that the doing falls flat. It takes real commitment to see things through and it is often what is lacking in organisations. This edition focuses on action – frameworks and tools to help you commit to your course of action and see it through to success.

When it comes to strategy execution the proof of the pudding is in the doing. In our first article we outline the six critical steps that help organisations avoid common execution pitfalls. But we also implore you to discover what that ‘Ex-FACTOR’ is that will enable you to excel at strategy execution.

Change management efforts rarely meet their intended outcomes, and the research shows that many efforts end in failure. Our second article looks at the ‘helping HANDS’ required for a successful change management process. HANDS is a mnemonic that equips project teams with what’s required when planning for a significant change.

Our third article considers how we allocate resources more flexibly, with less friction, to where they are really needed, when they are really needed. We take a look at three practices of agile resource allocation.

It can be easy to feel like the hard work is done once you wrap up your strategy workshop, however, committing to a series of interrelated next steps and getting them done is where you can get full value of the workshop outcomes.

In our final article, we look at our recent work with the African Australian Community Taskforce and the importance of building an inclusive business case process. We articulate steps organisations can take when creating their own project business case.

We hope these articles inspire you to think about starting 2020 with a commitment to taking action where it is needed in your organisation. If any of these articles have inspired you to act or raised questions, we’d love to hear from you and start a conversation.

Article 1:  The ‘great business bake-off’: Has your organisation got the Ex-FACTOR?

Article 2:  Helping hands promote successful change

Article 3:  Three practices of agile resource allocators

Article 4:  After the event: How to get full value from your strategy workshop outcomes

Article 5:  Stakeholder engagement: Developing successful business cases for not for profit projects

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