Five ideas to improve your next strategic planning process

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At Right Lane, we exist to help our clients develop and implement better strategies. And we know a thing or two about it! We spend a lot of time reading up on the work of leading academics and practitioners in these fields. We take what we learn from the world leaders in strategy and planning theory and combine it with our experience and learnings from hundreds of recent engagements to present this guide: Five ideas to improve your next strategic planning process. This guide contains some of our foundational thinking with regard to strategy and planning processes, frameworks, and principles we have found to be indispensable in our client work.

In preparing this collection we were struck by how privileged we are to be entrusted with co-creating strategy and planning processes with our clients. We get to envision an exciting future and turn ideas into plans that will have great impact. At Right Lane we help our clients with a range of other opportunities and challenges, but the interrelated disciplines of strategy and planning are, and have always been, central to our work and they provide us with interesting and novel challenges every day.

We encourage you to get in touch with the Right Lane team to discuss your next strategic planning process – we’d love to talk to you about it.

Marc Levy, Director, Right Lane Consulting

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