Mas Transition

Mas Transition delivers workforce participation, employment and transition services to individuals looking for a career change, unemployed young people and retrenched workers. Mas Transition’s RIDE program helps young at-risk Australians find their pathway to further education, training and employment opportunities by completing to vocational training through applied learning in a BMX and mountain bike riding engagement activity. Right Lane worked alongside the Mas Transition team to develop the theory of change, program logic, and delivery model for the program in 2018.

In 2021, Right Lane was engaged to develop a research report to evaluate the RIDE program, assessing whether the program achieved its objectives, and the extent to which its theory of change and program logic were validated.

The final report evaluated the overall success of the program, and identified what worked well and changes to enhance the impact of future iterations of the program, informed by program data and a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process involving participants, program staff, delivery partners and industry employers.