Right Lane Review – The collective pivot

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COVID-19 has dominated our news feeds, our conversations and our headspace. What is unique is that we are experiencing this collectively. How we experience it will differ but this pandemic affects all of us.

It’s important to remind ourselves that regardless of how we got there – we pivoted. We brought our office furniture home, found nooks and cupboards to turn into offices, negotiated table space, bemoaned internet speeds and re-negotiated our calendars. The step you take after you pivot is the first of many towards adapting. In this edition of the Right Lane Review we outline processes, tools and practices that will support you to move towards adapting.

This pandemic has demanded a lot of us and it will continue to for some time. However, it too will pass and it is important to think about the kind of organisation you want to be on the other side of this disruption. Our first article in this edition looks at Right Lane’s seven step Dynamic Pathway Planning methodology and how it can be applied by organisations who are looking to make sense of COVID-19.

For many of us key interactions and events have been postponed or cancelled all together. Some of these interactions, such as strategy offsites, are critical to the functioning of organisations. Our second article outlines five practices for conducting successful remote/digital workshops.

The pivot from office life to home office life has come with challenges. Our next three articles all focus on adapting our ways of working to our new context. They cover effective meetings, productivity and accountability. Each looks at different tools and processes that will enable teams to work effectively while working remotely.

This pandemic has also prompted us to think about the wellbeing of the collective in ways we might not have before. A reframe that we have found helpful is to think about this time of physical distancing as an act of solidarity. We stay home so that people don’t fall ill. We want to acknowledge those that have lost their jobs, those for whom home is not safe and those working on the front lines of this health crisis.

Article 1: Making sense of COVID-19: Dynamic Pathway Planning

Article 2: Five practices for conducting successful remote/digital workshops

Article 3: Run better virtual meetings by focusing on what (really) needs to be done

Article 4: Productivity in the midst of a pandemic

Article 5: Remote yet accountable: How to create a culture of accountability while working remotely

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