MEDIA RELEASE: Right Lane becomes first Australian management consulting firm to become foundation owned and controlled and appoints new CEO

Melbourne-based management consulting firm Right Lane Consulting has appointed Chiara Lawry as its new CEO, while at the same time becoming the first privately owned Australian management consulting firm, and possibly the first for-profit company in Australia, to restructure into a foundation owned and controlled company.

Don’t say it’s over: a snapshot of COVID-19 and questions for executives to ponder

25 May 2021

Last year was an immense shock with devastating human consequences. In Australia, there’s cause for great optimism; but the pandemic isn’t over – there remain very significant risks and many people are still suffering here and overseas. This article presents a COVID-snapshot and poses a handful of questions for executives to consider at this juncture.

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Helping organisations that do good do better; Right Lane’s five pro and low bono themes

24 May 2021

As a purpose driven organisation and the first B Corp certified strategy consulting firm, Right Lane is committed to investing in low and pro bono work. Each year, we invest a share of revenue in low and pro bono work to contribute to fulfilling our purpose of helping clients who do good, do better. Here we share our commitment to five areas of passion and interest.

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Embedding sustainability into your organisation’s DNA

13 May 2021

There is growing awareness that value creation is a long-term construct and that companies must strike the right balance between financial imperatives and obligations associated with other ‘capitals’. Companies should be deeply considering the sustainable development issues and risks that will impact their ability to create value over the long-term, and hardwiring their responses into their strategies and business models.

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Returning to the office: Resetting your team

18 December 2020

As many of us, particularly in Melbourne, turn our minds and bodies to a return to the office, thinking through how to best support your team and get the most out of your in-person interactions becomes a priority, and reconnecting with your teams purposefully has never been more important. In this article we share with you some practical and simple ideas on how to support a smooth transition back into a ‘COVID normal’ work environment.

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Budget changes picking ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in the super system

20 October 2020

The changes announced in the recent Budget, aimed at improving efficiency in the super system, are in essence picking the ‘winners’ and the ‘losers’ in the system. The stapling of accounts and spotlight on fees and performance is likely to escalate switching behaviour while reducing the prominence of the default distribution market, which may shrink to less than 220,000 accounts annually. The battle ground for member acquisition will shift to ‘direct to consumer’ distribution, a market which is estimated to be approximately 1 million accounts annually, currently dominated by a handful of large funds.

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Strategic impact for local government: 5 ways to ‘power up’ your council strategic planning process

4 October 2020

With council planning season fast approaching in Victoria, the 5 steps identified here provide councils with valuable insights to apply to their strategic planning process, and to assist in truly bringing strategic impact back into focus.

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Strategy execution: Aligning your organisation to your council plan

4 October 2020

It takes more than just a great council planning session to affect real change in your council. The next challenge is delivering on that plan. Here we outline a six step ‘recipe’ to help you align your organisation to your council plan.

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Beyond the council plan – creating impact with a corporate plan

4 October 2020

To help address issues that may affect the council’s ability to deliver on their council strategic plan, we suggest developing an internal corporate plan to ensure the outcomes of the council plan can be delivered.

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The value of a robust diagnosis: be better prepared for this year’s council planning process

3 October 2020

With council plans due for review in the coming months in Victoria, we recommend councils invest time in a diagnosis of their strategic context to inform upcoming decisions.

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AFR article: Virus cash crunch hits 60 per cent of super funds

20 July 2020

The early release scheme could mean that 54 of Australia’s 90 super funds suffer from negative cashflow. That will accelerate the need for fund mergers.

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