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‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten’. In this edition of the Right Lane Review we discuss how to break away from formulaic approaches to strategy and planning and explore powerful new approaches to tackling long-standing challenges.

Organisations that are experienced in strategy and planning can be prone to repeating the same approach ad nauseam. When this happens, executives ‘switch-off’, organisational biases become entrenched and strategic impact vanishes. In our first article we discuss five approaches to take your next strategy and planning process ‘off autopilot’ and bring back the strategic impact.

A good strategy should involve hard choices that put a sharp focus on the things that matter. As you read the second article of this Review we encourage you to consider not only what your organisation must achieve, but also what you are willing to give up to reach this aspiration.

Collaboration doesn’t always occur naturally and, without intervention, friction between teams is likely to increase rather than to abate over time. In our third article we discuss how to build a collaboration strategy that can break through counterproductive ways of working and unlock mutual value for both sides of a collaboration.

The actions of the leadership team typically direct the organisation’s development ‘at one remove’. In our fourth article we take a closer look at how actions taken at the executive level propagate across their internal organisational network. Examining change mechanisms through the lens of organisational network analysis can be a powerful tool for affecting cultural change, elevate cross functional collaboration and alleviate communication bottlenecks.

In the final article of this Review we discuss a challenge that many of our clients contend with, namely, spending far too much time in meetings. We present five steps to help reclaim those precious hours.

We hope that these articles get you thinking about how you can disrupt deeply engrained processes, break through entrenched behaviours and drive strategic impact within your organisation. We would love to hear from you regarding any of the articles that resonate with you and explore these ideas in more detail.

Article 1:  Strategic impact: five ways to disrupt your strategic planning process

Article 2:  Strategy means sacrifice: what are you willing to give up?

Article 3:  Building a collaboration strategy: your key to unlocking collaborative advantage

Article 4:  Three levers for enhancing your organisational network

Article 5:  Liberate resources by running meetings more effectively

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